Study design and bioinformatics

Within the last years, many methods for epigenetic analysis have evolved. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages and it is not easy to identify the best-suited approach. Careful consideration is necessary for the number of replicas, treatment methods, kinetics, and statistical analysis. Experts of Cygenia have acquired knowledge in these fields that may help to prevent expensive mistakes in study design or support DNA methylation profiling.

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Study design

Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) and other methods for genome-wide profiling are revolutionizing epigenetic research. These methods become less expensive - but the bottleneck is bioinformatics analysis to retrieve the relevant information. It is important to carefully consider the best suited approach for your research. Please contact us confidentially to define your demands and we will then suggest experimental designs and methods. 


DNA Methylation Profiles with Illumina Bead Chip Technology

Cygenia offers analysis of genome wide DNA methylation profiles with the Infinium Methylation EPIC Bead Chip. This high throughput technology interrogates over 850,000 CpG sites quantitatively across the human genome at single-nucleotide resolution. Our strength is to support such DNAm profiling and to perform bioinformatics analysis to give the results a biological meaning. This analysis is confidential and you remain the sole owner of all results. Please contact us to get a feedback on if and how we can provide bioinformatics service for your study.