Sample preparation and shipment

Cygenia provides different epigenetic services. Depending on the field of application either 1 mL of blood (fresh or frozen), buccal swabs, cell pellets of about 200,000 cells, or 300 ng of genomic DNA are required. It is also possible to isolate DNA from cryopreserved samples with DMSO-containing medium (without taking them into culture) or to use frozen cell pellets. Sample collection according to the guidelines of the Declaration of Helsinki (Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects) is responsibility of the sender. Samples have to be provided anonymously without identification of donors or patients.

Shipment of isolated DNA can be done at room temperature and does not require dry ice. Blood samples should be shipped frozen. There may be additional costs for customs. Please refer to the corresponding quote to enable clear assignment at Cygenia. Please contact Cygenia for further information for your specific application and to arrange an appointment for receiving samples (