Fibro-Score: Fibroblasts in Tissue


It is not trivial to determine the fraction of fibroblasts in tissue. Such analysis may be of interest e.g. for research on fibrosis or cell free DNA. We have determined DNA methylation patterns that correlate with the fraction of fibroblasts in tissue. Cygenia offers service for a Fibro-Score based on two CpGs that can be used to estimate the fraction of fibroblasts.


Deconvolution 1
Selection of cell type-specific CpGs for fibroblasts. Multidimensional scaling (MDS) plot of the training data set (n = 409) demonstrates that samples cluster by cell type across different studies.
DNAm levels of the two selected CpGs were combined into the FibroScore. 



Schmidt et al. Deconvolution of cellular subsets in human tissue based on targeted DNA methylation analysis at individual CpG sites. BMC Biology, 2020.