Biomarkers for Disease

Epigenetic abnormalities play important roles in many diseases. Particularly in cancer the DNA methylation pattern is indicative for subtypes, potential responses, and prognosis. However, also in non-cancerous tissues the DNA methylation patterns gain increasing attention as biomarkers for predictive and precision medicine. Cygenia offers the analysis of the following epigenetic biomarkers for research use only.

Leukemia Ausschnitt


PRDM8: Biomarker for aplastic anemia and dyskeratosis congenita 

Aplastic anaemia is reflected by the inability to generate mature blood cells resulting in progressive bone marrow failure. Dyskeratosis congenita is associated with impaired telomere maintenance and with clinical features of premature aging. Cygenia provides an epigenetic biomarker to support the diagnosis of both diseases.


C1R: Prognostic biomarker for acute myeloid leukemia

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells. An epigenetic biomarker can support risk assessment.


DNMT3A: Epimutation in acute myeloid leukemia

About 20% of AML patients have genomic mutations in the gene coding for DNA-methyltransferase 3A (DNMT3A). Recently, it has been shown that genomic mutations in DNMT3A can alternatively be mimicked by epimutations in the same gene.